Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cover: Suntrust Plaza

Suntrust Plaza is Atlanta's second tallest building at 871 feet. It's glass and gray granite, post-modern facade stands iconic in our city's skyline.

Suntrust Plaza, Downtown Atlanta
Suntrust Plaza, Downtown Atlanta
I made this photo immediately following watching the Dragon*Con Parade this year. The Parade proceeds north on Peachtree Street and banks right on Baker for its final few blocks. For the last three years, I've watched the Parade from the corner of Peachtree and Baker on the corner with Suntrust Plaza.

I clearly remember the controversy over "Ballet Olympia", a John Portman sculpture of two nude dancing ballerinas. People were up in arms and very vocal...even though the sculpture is clearly a work of art. Fortunately, the sculpture to this day graces Peachtree Street.

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