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10 Reasons to See "Freaky Friday" in the Park

Horizon Theatre's production of "Freaky Friday" is coming to Piedmont Park!

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

For the fourth consecutive year, Horizon Theatre is sharing one of its super-popular musical comedies at the Park's Promenade. This year's show—one of the theatre's main stage plays earlier this year—has been met with hilarity, fantastic acting, super-fun musical numbers, and awesome reviews.

With only four performances, Wednesday through Saturday, June 20-23, this is a can't miss-show! In no particular order, here are 10 awesome reasons why you should see "Freaky Friday" in Piedmont Park...

1.) It's FREE! 

That's right. Horizon Theatre is giving away thousands of free tickets to see the four-day run of Freaky Friday in Piedmont Park. There's also reserved seating, for a nominal fee, closer to the stage, and if you're not a fan of sitting on the grass, you can buy reserved seats at a table near the stage or get a private table (for 6) also near the stage! I've sat on the lawn and reserved seats...whichever you chose, you'll have a great experience!

I think it's totally awesome is it that Horizon brings free theatre to our local community, and many others visiting Atlanta. "Thank you!", Horizon Theatre!
2.) The CAST is phenomenal!

The cast from the spring performance at Horizon Theatre in Inman Park/Little Five Points are all returning for the Piedmont Park run...I'm so excited! This was the largest cast to ever perform on the stage at Horizon Theatre and they truly are phenomenal. 

There are 19 actors in every performance, performing considerably more characters than that!

If you're an Atlanta theatre regular, you'll recognize names and faces of many of the cast, several of them multiple Suzi Bass award nominees and winners!

Jennifer Alice Acker, a personal favorite, is so incredibly talented and an amazing human being! She loves her craft, loves her fans, loves life and gives everything she has to every role she performs. Driven to continually improve (she's already AMAZING!), she's going to always deliver a magnificent performance! 

The spring show was the first time I'd seen Abby Holland on stage. She's AMAZING! Her voice is bold and beautiful and her acting is brilliant. I think you'll love her, too!

Christian Magby is multi-talented the likes you don't see very often. He acts, plays multiple musical instruments, writes, and he's one of the most personable artists you'll meet.

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

3.) It's in PIEDMONT PARK, "Atlanta's Favorite Greenspace"!

This is the fourth year that Horizon Theatre has brought one of their mainstage shows to Piedmont Park, which is in the heart of Midtown and easy to get to! The Promenade is near the Atlanta Botanical Garden—accessible from the Garden's entry road—and the Sage Parking Deck, accessible from Piedmont Avenue and Monroe Drive.

I've attended the last three Horizon Theatre shows in Piedmont Park and can personally attest to their being great fun...the shows and seeing them in the Park! [2015] [2016] [2017]

4.) There's something for EVERYONE!

Horizon Theatre has made a commitment to produce at least one play per season that multiple generations can enjoy together, and "Freaky Friday" is exactly that! Bring the kids, bring your parents, bring your friends of all ages!

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

5.) You get to MEET the cast and take PHOTOS with them!
In the wonderful Horizon Theatre tradition, after the show you'll get to meet the cast and make photos with them! Being the celebrity-spotter I am, this perk is a huge one for me and I love seeing so many other theatre-goers talking with the cast, congratulating them on their performance and getting to know them a little more.

6.) You've probably seen the MOVIE(s)!

"Freaky Friday" has quite a fun history, having been a book; then a movie in 1976 starring a young Jodie Foster who would go on to win two Oscar Awards; then another movie in 2003 starring Golden Globe-winner Jamie Lee Curtis and actress/musician Lindsay Lohan's a MUSICAL!!!

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

7.) There will be FOOD and DRINKS!

You're going to get hungry and thirsty, right? Of course you will!

The grounds will open at 6:00pm (show starts at 7:30pm each night), so bring a picnic and enjoy! NOTE: Feel free to bring your own food, water and soft-drinks, but no alcohol and no glass, please.

There will be concessions, and beerwinewater and soft-drinks available for purchase.

Remember, the earlier you arrive the closer you can get to the stage! But it's such a big show, they're all great seats. 
8.) The SET is awesome!

Twin sisters and Suzi Bass award winners Isabel and Moriah Curley-Clay have done a magnificent job! I mentioned that this is the largest Horizon Theatre cast ever, and they brilliantly maneuvered the set at the theatre, but I'm super excited to see what they're do when it's in Piedmont Park. We're talking lots more real estate...more possibilities! 

9.) You're going to LAUGH!

Yes, it's a musical. Yes, it's about switching bodies. Yes, it's about the drama of a broken family—I come from one, so I know the hilarity that can come from that. It's ALL incredibly funny! You'll connect with this family, their friends, the wedding vendors, police encounters, and the wide range of relationships one encounters throughout life. Oh, and there's a high school scavenger hunt with a—by unanimous vote—totally hot list master...♫Aaaadddaammm!♫

10.) Horizon Theatre is GRATEFUL for your support!

Lisa Adler, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic/Producing Director, shares every opening night of every show that ticket sales make up for only about half of what it takes to run the theatre. Not everyone can see a show at the theatre, but most everyone can go to a free show...and then tell friends and family how great it was!

As a member of the Board of Directors at Horizon Theatre since August—and a patron of many years—we are incredibly grateful for your support, whether in ticket purchases, subscriptions and/or sharing how much you enjoyed your theatre experience with friends and family.

There you go...10 awesome reasons to come to Piedmont Park to see Horizon Theatre's production of Freaky Friday. I think you're going to love it!

Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre
Freaky Friday | Horizon Theatre

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