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Top 10 Atlanta Restaurants "By the Numbers" - Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House

This month Nikki and I visited the Grant Park location of Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House. We'd both been here before, and to its location West Midtown, but it was a wholly new experience dining here for our "By the Numbers" series.

Welcome back to our Top 10 Atlanta Restaurants "By the Numbers", a monthly series by wanderlust ATLANTA and super-popular food Instagramer atlantafoodie! Our sixth stop on this 10 restaurant tour was Six Feet Under, at its Grant Park location across the street from Historic Oakland Cemetery.

What we believe is a unique spin on 'Top 10' lists, we're not counting down, but instead we're showcasing some of Atlanta's restaurants with numbers in their names! Some we've been to before and others will be a first-time experience. We're going to make all of them FUN!

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We started with house specialty cocktails, many of them cleverly themed after Historic Oakland Cemetery, across the street, and some of its "residents".

I had the Tombstone Tea, made with vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, black raspberry liquor (the ingredient that drew me to this one) and sweet and sour. Like a traditional Long Island Iced Tea, this one goes down easy, but it has a delightful sweetness. I'd totally have this again!

It was exciting to rediscover Six Feet Under. I had stuck in my mind that it was a pub that offered almost exclusively fried or deep fried foods. There's nothing wrong with that, in moderation, but I like variety.  

It turns out that Six Feet Under has quite a varied menu! Yes, there are fried foods, but they also offer raw bar options, steamed shellfish, baked dishes, awesome appetizers, salads, platters, vegetarian options, gluten-free options, and some decadent fish dishes, just to name a few! There's something for everyone! We were too full to make it to dessert, but next time...    

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: atlantafoodie
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: atlantafoodie

There's an extensive appetizer menu, but we were immediately drawn to the...

Sweet Mouse Toes - Baked sweet peppers wrapped in crispy bacon. Comes with a side of bacon vinaigrette. 

Spicy Rat Toes - Baked jalapenos stuffed with shrimp and wrapped in crispy bacon! Comes with a side of cooling Ranch Dressing.

Extra Spicy Dragon Toes - Baked habaneros stuffed with scallops and wrapped with crispy bacon! Comes with a side of cooling Ranch Dressing.

We ultimately opted for the Toe Jam, which is one each of the above named Toes! Delicious all around! You've never had so much fun eating toes!

Next time I'm sure I'll have a second order of the Toe Jam or maybe an extra order of the Extra Spicy Dragon Toes!

Nikki had wanted their Specialty Oysters, but they'd temporarily run out. Must have been really, really good! Those are next on her Six Feet Under list. Our server told us that her favorite is the Oysters Rockefeller

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: atlantafoodie
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: atlantafoodie

Nikki started with the Pushin' Up Daisies made with Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka, simple syrup, fresh basil, club soda and lime over cucumber ice cubes. Nikki said that the cucumber ice cubes made this house special cocktail a unique can't miss that fresh cucumber taste!

I don't know what it is about their veggie-infused giant ice cubes, but next time I'm going to have a libation with those...they just look like so much fun! I was definitely feeling ice cube envy!

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

I wanted an appetizer, but then found their Gumbo on the soups menu. This sausage, shrimp and chicken gumbo has an excellent flavor! I added hot sauce to mine to turn up the heat...I love dishes that are big on flavor and spicy at the same time!

The gumbo is accompanied with whole fried okra—took me back to my childhood when I loved my mother's fried okra—and a totally delicious Jalapeno Hush Puppy! Have you ever wondered why they're called hush puppies?

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

There are mermaids EVERYWHERE! 

At first, I was like, "What's with the weird fascination with mermaids?" Then my brain kicked on. "Pub & Fish House" get the fish from the waters where mermaids live! I'm sure most people will not be as dense as I was on that particular feature in this restaurant. Even before I made the connection, I was already enjoying them. Having served in the U.S. Navy, of course I have an interest in sea creatures, mermaids included! 

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: atlantafoodie
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: atlantafoodie

Nikki enjoyed a trio of tacos as her entree...look at how wonderfully over-stuffed they are! 

Nikki "almost" couldn't finish the whole dish, but those of us who know and love her know that there's rarely a plate she can't conquer. Food waste should be criminal, right?!

Their are four tacos to choose from or you can get the Taco Combo, which is what Nikki did. She had the:

Fried Calamari Taco - made with cotija cheese, fresh spinach, cucumber, sweet onion relish, fried jalapenos and ranch dressing.

Catfish Taco - made with grilled basa, mixed cheese, jalapeno, tomatoes, cabbage and a drizzle of cucumber-wasabi sauce.

Blackened Shrimp Taco - made with fresh spinach, cucumber, sweet onion relish, mixed cheese, a drizzle of cucumber-wasabi sauce and topped with fried leeks!

All the tacos come with a side of salsa verde.

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

Nikki got a side of Whole Fried Okra with her tacos. Yum! Yum! That's not a side dish you see very often, which is a shame because these were perfectly crispy and seriously delicious! Try them with a side of Ranch Dressing to add even another layer of flavor!

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

The Southerner in me drew me directly to the Blackened Shrimp n' Grits.

Composed with cotija cheese, asparagus, red pepper, fried leeks, scallions and drizzled with a sweet n' spicy vinaigrette, this dish is generous, but disappeared much too quickly...I hope no one was watching! I loved the bounty of ingredients...every bite was different but had some of the perfected creamy grits!   

If you're visiting the South for the first time and want to try grits for the first time, these are a delicious and memorable way to enjoy that first-time experience! Many Southern cooks have their own favorite grits recipe. I make mine with lots of butter and lots of black pepper, diced jalapeno, and a generous portion of sharp cheddar cheese! Always serve hot! 

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

I know the word "Pub" is in this destination's name, but we were having great fun with the house specialty cocktails and stuck with them for our second libation. 

I had the Bobby Jones (foreground) made with Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and Six Feet Under's homemade lemonade. If you like a boozy Arnold Palmer beverage, I think you're going to love this one! I sure did! That we were sitting within view of where the great golf legend from Atlanta was laid to rest added a certain coolness to the beverage. 

Cheers to Bobby Jones and the prestige he bought to Georgia through the game of golf!

Nikki had the Georgia Peach Martini (background). Did you know that Nikki is a Georgia Peach herself? That's right, born and raised not far from Atlanta! 

The restaurant's Georgia Peach Martini is made with Deep Eddy peach vodka, white peach puree, a splash of Sprite and a peach slice. Nikki asked for club soda instead of Sprite, to cut some of the sweetness.

If you're a beer person, they have practically everything—local and not-so-local—so we think you'll be happy there, too! And, of course, they have a wine selection. There's a libation for everyone!

Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor
Six Feet Under | "By the Numbers" | Photo: Travis S. Taylor

We were very impressed with the service. China was very pleasant and was the one who seated us. We weren't her table, though...turns out the servers help each other. We were impressed, especially given that they were pretty busy. 

Our server Sheriah (I hope I spelled that right!) was beyond amazing! She was very attentive, laughed with us, knows the menu like an expert...she took excellent care of us! "Thank you, Sheriah!"

There are any number of things you'll enjoy about your Six Feet Under experience, some of which might include, stunning views of the Atlanta skyline and gorgeous, serene views of Historic Oakland Cemetery; the nostalgia of the early Atlanta decor; the rooftop, dining room or sports bar dining options; as well as their delicious, varied menu. 

It's a relaxed, casual pub, but it's so much more! It's a unique experience, not to be missed.

THINGS TO KNOW before going to Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House:

  • There is free parking behind Six Feet Under, but the lot fills quickly. If parking in the neighborhood, be mindful of signs designating parking times or no parking.
  • On the rooftop dining and bar area, there are sections of it that are covered, handy for when we might have an afternoon pop-up rain shower.
  • Immediately across the street, Historic Oakland Cemetery, a beautiful example of the "rural garden" cemetery movement of the 19the Century, offers tours, events and even a lovely stroll, ideal for pre- or post-dinner excursions. 
  • Most days, Six Feet Under is open until 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m., but the kitchen closes at midnight.
OF NOTE: Check out this Atlanta Eats video about Six Feet Under to get a good feel for this casual, fun, delicious dining destination!

Here's our planned Top 10 Atlanta Restaurants "By the Numbers", one per month in 2017:

ONE midtown kitchen
599 Dutch Valley Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

TWO urban licks
820 Ralph McGill Boulevard, NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

Local Three Kitchen & Bar
3290 Northside Parkway, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

Bar Margot at Four Seasons
75 14th Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

5Church Atlanta
1197 Peachtree Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30361

Six Feet Under
437 Memorial Drive, SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Seven Lamps
3400 Around Lenox Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

Eight Sushi Lounge
930 Howell Mill Road, NW, Atlanta, GA 30318

Nine Mile Station
675 Ponce de Leon Avenue, NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

10th & Piedmont
991 Piedmont Avenue, NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Disclaimer: If you live in Atlanta or visit on a regular basis, you know how quickly the Atlanta restaurant scene can change. Our lineup is subject to change based on the Atlanta restaurant landscape over the first 10 months of 2017. Also, all opinions are our own and not at all influenced by the restaurant owners, staff or PR firms, whether we treated ourselves or were hosted by the said restaurant.

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Thank you for coming along on what we think will be a FUN food journey over 10 months in 2017. Our selection of restaurants is a subjective choice of what we think will be an exciting new way to experience Atlanta restaurants: "By the Numbers". Please, tell your friends and family what we're doing and invite them to also come along for the taste tour!

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